Marc Carrier has served on the mission field in Kenya and Uganda with his family since 2012. He is also the director of Kingdom Driven Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to kingdom expansion and assisting the poor.

Here’s how Marc would summarize his early experiences (excerpted from the introduction to Christianity Unleashed):

Struggles and mistakes, punctuated by periods of encouragement, marked the early years of my ministry here. We focused on kingdom expansion, strong discipleship, and the development of indigenous leaders, and continually pressed forward in meeting these goals. Yet no matter how much progress we made, there so often seemed to be something missing. I was given a clue, but not total clarity, when I wrote a book about my field experiences (Pioneering the Kingdom), and sent it to a Facebook friend for review. His comment, essentially, was that the book had a lot going for it, but he quite pointedly asked, “Where is the Holy Spirit?”

Christianity Unleashed describes how Marc invited the Holy Spirit back into the East African fellowships and experienced a radical transformation, both personally and missionally. As brethren across Africa stepped into the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, they began to experience the excitement of serving God–not out of duty, but with desire. The purpose, vision, and adventure of the earliest disciples of Christ can be ours as we all answer the call to become unleashed from whatever holds us back, and mobilized to fight on the front lines against the spiritual forces of evil. Join Marc in this great journey!