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Unleashed: Power in the Name of Jesus

Here’s another testimony from a reader of Christianity Unleashed who has recently experienced freedom through deliverance:

“I’ve grown up with the belief that Christians don’t have demons….not possible. Well I was having suicidal thoughts and sent Marc [the author of Christianity Unleashed] a message. He gave me steps on how to get rid of this. After a short time of prayer I quickly came to the conclusion that depression and discouragement were evil spirits (demons) that were plaguing me. When Marc prayed for me and asked if there were anymore demons, I instantly saw a big black ghost-like creature along with several small ones. We prayed again and some other ones identified themselves as rejection, bitterness, fear, doubt. I confessed my sin of not accepting God’s acceptance, not forgiving others who have hurt me, doubting God. When Marc prayed for each one individually to come out, there was unique responses. One time I could feel something coming from my stomach and up my throat out my mouth. Then a big sigh. I had felt extreme pressure all around my body and was crying uncontrollably before the process started. As each demon was commanded to go, I felt lighter and less pressure. One time the demons said to me, “We have enjoyed tormenting you very much all these years!” When asked if they would leave, they replied, “We have no choice.”
This was definitely an eye opening experience for me. I definitely feel a lot more freedom than I have in awhile. I know this is spiritual warfare. I’m very thankful God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit have made a way of release from the bondage! I’m so thankful for brothers like Marc who take the time to help people like me walk to freedom. There’s power in the name of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!”

Unfortunately, it is all too common for Christians to be in bondage–even to know that they are in bondage–but to have nowhere to go for help. Churches largely deny the possibility of demonization in Christians, and even those who acknowledge it may simply not know how to deal with the reality. Christianity Unleashed offers Biblical support, practical advice, and testimonies, not only on the subject of demonization, but also being filled with the Holy Spirit, hearing from God, and walking in the power in leading of the Holy Spirit. It may be the first step in a total transformation of your Christian experience!

Freedom: Power-sprayed Clean!

A reader of Christianity Unleashed contacted Marc Carrier (the book’s author) via Facebook and they struck up a conversation on the subject of deliverance. They later connected by phone so that Marc could assist this young man in completing a spiritual inventory (self-examination/repentance), culminating in deliverance from some of the young man’s self-identified strongholds and spirits. Here is his report:

On October 10, 2017 I called Marc Carrier to expel some demonic influences from me. I had been having dreams of lust, in which I would have no control over myself and would completely forget my moral code, and the God whom I love and obey.

I would also have strange flashing images of porn, me attacking someone, fits of anger and of coarse depression over these factors when I was awake.

He called me over Facebook and he led me through some very specific prayers. It did not take long before I started to overheat, sweat and shake. I heard the conviction in his voice as he addressed the demons, it almost scared me, but he spoke TO ME in a calming tone. He told me to clear my mind with all my ability, and then he asked the demons their names. I did everything I could to keep my mind clear but as he persisted, the first name came through, (I’m not gonna repeat it, as I believe names contain power and do not want these demons to attach themselves to anyone who hears their name).

After he heard the name of the first demon, he demanded that it leave me, and then he bound it from me so that it did not have permission to return. Almost immediately I felt some more spiritual tension. It felt like a fever without chills, like a fresh hot towel getting wrapped around me, but on the inside it felt like that gut dropping feeling when someone is threatening to fight you

After he expelled and bound the second demon all of these feelings began to fade away and when he asked the Holy Spirit to fill the hole the demons left, boom, clarity, instantaneously.

Like my mind and soul had been taken out, scraped, and then power sprayed clean.